Arts & Entertainment

The Hastings Arts Center

The Hastings Arts Center is a stunning concert venue that features live music, plays and community events. It is owned and operated by husband and wife, Travis and Sarah Lockwood. The “center,” formerly Guardian Angels Catholic Church, features a performance and event venue, an art gallery, and a music school–Blessings Academy of Arts and Music. Hastings Arts Center is located at 216 4th Street East in Historic, Downtown Hastings, Minnesota. 

Black Dirt Theater

Black Dirt Theater is a group of passionate people, who have a vision of the future where using creativity to serve others and create connections in the Hastings area become one in the same. Every January, Black Dirt puts on a dinner theater show in collaboration with The Onion Grille in downtown Hastings.


HPAAC is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to fostering the arts in the Hastings and Prescott area. As part of its mission, HPAAC provides scholarships for people of all ages who wish to develop or improve their artistic talents. In addition, HPAAC offers limited funding for community partners who are creating and offering opportunities in the arts for our communities and citizens. As a community arts organization, Hastings Prescott Area Arts Council (HPAAC) makes the arts available to all people in our community. We offer free arts programs, scholarships and opportunities for those engaged in the arts. We believe that the arts for all changes our community for the better. HPAAC believes so strongly that the arts are important for everyone that we make membership free. Anyone can be a member! If you would like to be on our email list, write us at or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or our website Even though membership is free, HPAAC still needs your help! Please DONATE
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